1920 | Tamilian
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Vikram Bhatt


Rajniesh Duggall, Adah Sharma, Anjori Alagh

1920 (Tamil: ௧௯௨௦) is a Tamil-Dubbed Horror film which is Directed by Vikram Bhatt & performed by Rajniesh Duggall, Adah Sharma, Anjori Alagh and Released on 12 September 2008.

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    In the year 1920 at Palampur, India, an architect arrives at a large manor house. The manager of the mansion, MK, discusses how its owner wishes to have it torn down with a hotel constructed in its place. Later that night, the architect is killed by a mysterious force. It turns out the first architect who had come before him was also killed in a similar manner some time ago.

    Now the third architect who is brought in, Arjun Singh, is a religious, true devotee of lord Hanumaan and devoted to his family; but he is also in love with Lisa. This meets strong disapproval from his family because Lisa (born of a British father and an Indian mother) is of mixed faith. Arjun decides to marry Lisa anyway. As he travels to Mumbai, his father and his brothers intercept his car, beat him up, and try to burn Lisa alive. Arjun fights back and decides to disavow his faith and his family for Lisa. He ultimately becomes an atheist.

    Also Known As:

    ௧௯௨௦ | Поместье

    Release Date:

    12 September 2008


    Sameer Anjaan, Vikram Bhatt

    Production Co:

    ASA Production & Enterprises


    ₹70 million

    Box Office:

    ₹145 million