Andhra Mess | Tamilian
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3.4 IMDB Rating

Andhra Mess





Raj Bharath, Pooja Devariya, Kasthuri

Andhra Mess (Tamil: ஆந்திர மெஸ்) is a Tamil dubbed Comedy film which is Directed by Jai performed by Raj Bharath, Pooja Devariya, Kasthuri on 22 June 2018.

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    Devaraj (Vinod), a gangster, is hired to steal a bag from a house, and he delegates this task to his underlings, Varadhu (AP Shreethar), Rathna (Raj Bharath), Ritchie (Madhivanan Rajendran) and Sethu (Balaji). Varadhu, who has just broken up with his girlfriend (who has insulted him for being a nobody), finds out that the bag has crores of cash and decides that this could be his moment to get rich. The four criminals scoot away with the bag to a remote village, where they take refuge under Janardhanan (Amarendran), an elderly man whose family were once zamindars, and Bala (Tejaswini), his young wife(Mithra Kurian). During their stay, Rathna and Bala begin an affair, and Arasi (Pooja Devariya), Richie's girlfriend, also enters the scene. She causes a problem between Richie and his gang causing the couple to break up. Devaraj tracks them down and in a freak accident, becomes paralyzed. Janardhanan dies in a hunting trip and Bala is united with Rathna. They all start a hotel by the name of Andhra Mess in Janadhanan's property.

    Release Date:

    22 June 2018



    Production Co:

    Showboat Studios