Asal | Tamilian
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Ajith Kumar, Sameera Reddy, Bhavana

Asal (Tamil: அசல்) is a Tamil-language Action film which is Directed by Saran & performed by Ajith Kumar, Sameera Reddy, Bhavana and Released on 5 February 2010.

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    Jeevanandham (Ajith Kumar) is an international negotiator and arms dealer based in Paris. He has three sons: Sam (Sampath Raj) and Vicky (Rajiv Krishna) from his first wife, and Shiva (also Ajith Kumar) from his affair. Jeevanandham's favorite is Shiva, who is gutsy and righteous, while the other two are immature and controlled by their evil uncle Kali Mamma (Pradeep Rawat), and will do any shady deals.

    Sarah (Sameera Reddy) is a cultural attaché at the Indian Embassy in Paris, and she has a soft spot for Shiva. A French police officer Daniel Dharmaraj (Suresh) constantly hangs around with the family and is a partner in crime.

    The bad sons want to deal in drugs and supply arms to terrorists; they work out a strategy to eliminate Shetty (Kelly Dorji), who controls the Mumbai underworld, but the old man and Shiva oppose it. After the old man's death, Vicky is kidnapped by Shetty and his gang, who brutally torture him. To save Vicky, Shiva goes to Mumbai. His local contact there is Mirasi (Prabhu Ganesan), his father's best friend. A local girl Sulabha (Bhavana), falls for our hero, who daringly rescues Vicky with the joker Don Samosa (Yugi Sethu).

    Also Known As:

    அசல் | Настоящий Бадшах

    Release Date:

    5 February 2010


    Ajith Kumar, Yugi Sethu, Saran

    Production Co:

    Sivaji Productions