Bose | Tamilian
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Senthil Kumar


Srikanth, Sneha, Kalabhavan Mani

Bose (Tamil: போஸை) is a Tamil-language Action film which is Directed by Senthil Kumar & performed by Srikanth, Sneha, Kalabhavan Mani and Released on ‎15 August 2004.

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    Bose (Srikanth) is an Army commando. When Union Minister Kottaiperumal (Kalabhavan Mani) is kidnapped by terrorists, Bose goes on a daring rescue operation and manages to pull it off, Kottaiperumal makes him his personal security guard. However, Bose gets to know Kottaiperumal's real side. When Kottaiperumal tries to misbehave with a college girl Charulatha (Sneha), Bose rises up in anger. In trying to save her, he ends up shooting Kottaiperumal. Though he escapes with some injuries, Kottaiperumal gets Bose sacked from the Army. Distraught and disconsolate, Bose lands in Chennai and meets Charulatha, who is a student in Kalashektra. Upon meeting her, the duo falls in love. However, Kottaiperumal is waiting for revenge and has his goons on Bose and Charulatha's track. After some fights, Kottaiperumal's men bump off Bose's father (Manikka Vinayagam) and kidnap his family members and Charulatha. By then, Bose also stumbles upon the links of Kottaiperumal. All ends well, and Bose is reinstated in the Army.

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    Release Date:

    15 August 2004


    Senthil Kumar

    Production Co:

    Shri Mahalakshmi Combine