Dark Glasses | Tamilian
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4.9 IMDB Rating

Dark Glasses

Dark Glasses (Tamil: இருண்ட கண்ணாடிகள்) is a Tamil Dubbed Horror film which is Directed by Dario Argento & performed by Ilenia Pastorelli, Asia Argento, Andrea Gherpelli and Released on 24 Feb 2022.

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    In Rome, a serial killer has strangled three prostitutes with cello rope. "The Cellist's"'s last rope is destined for Diana, a luxury escort who frequents the hotels of Via Veneto. One night, the maniac chases driving a van and rams her, sending her crashing into another car. She awakens in the hospital, shrouded in darkness. The diagnosis is final: she lost her sight in the crash. Rita, a young woman from the Blind Society, helps Diana with her first steps in the darkness and in her new life; in the meantime, the police investigate, unsuccessfully. But it won't stop there. The Cellist must finish his work. Diana, helped by Chinese orphan Chin, can only try to escape. The cat and mouse game has just begun.

    • Cast : Jayaram, Poonam Bajwa, Muktha George

    • Streaming Quality : 720p DVDRip HD

    • Language : Tamil

    • Genre : Horror, Comedy

    • Rating : IMDB Ratings of the Movie 3.6/10

    Release Date:

    24 Feb 2022


    Dario Argento, Franco Ferrini

    Production Co:

    Urania Pictures S.r.l., Getaway Films, Rai Cinema, Canal+

    Box Office: