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Darling 2

Darling 2 (Tamil: டார்லிங் ௨) is a Tamil-languag Horror film which is Directed by Sathish Chandrasekaran & performed by Kalaiyarasan, Rameez Raja, Kaali Venkat and Released on 1 April 2016.

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    The film opens with a girl coming to see her parents getting possessed by a ghost.

    The scene shifts to 5 friends who plan for a trip to Valparai. Aravind initially reluctant to go, later accepts to have fun with his friends. They travel together when one of his friends while clearing up his room visualize eerie things but refuses to tell his friends as he would be teased. They all reach Valparai and meet Valparai Varadhan who gets things done for them.

    Ayesha, lover of their friend Ram brings them dinner. Mysterious things occur and the friends think it is Krishna, brother of their dead friend Ram is possessed. Later when they check the photo taken they see Ram with them. Now they understand that it is Ram who is responsible for all the eerie things.

    They go to Aravind to tell him about Krishna, they come to know that it is Aravind who is possessed by Ram and not Krishna. Ram narrates the story, telling that his friend Aravind promised him to get permission for Ram from his parents to marry his girlfriend Ayesha. His parents did not accept her as she is a Muslim. Aravind tells Ram and Ayesha to stay at Valparai for few days and by then his parents would accept.

    Also Known As:

    டார்லிங் ௨

    Release Date:

    1 April 2016


    Sathish Chandrasekaran

    Production Co:

    Rite Media Works,Sathish Chandrasekaranin Kadhaigal


    INR 25,000,000