Eazhaiyin Sirippil | Tamilian
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Eazhaiyin Sirippil



K. Subhash


Prabhu Deva, Kausalya, Roja, Suvalakshmi, Vivek, Nassar, Ranjith

Eazhaiyin Sirippil (Tamil: ஏழையின் சிரிப்பில்) is a Tamil-language Drama film which is Directed by K. Subhash & performed by Prabhu Deva, Kausalya, Roja, Suvalakshmi, Vivek, Nassar, Ranjith and Released on 4 February 2000.

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    Ganesh (Prabhu Deva) has the job of collecting travelers for the lone bus run by Padmavathi Bus Service, in Cuddalore town. His high-energy people-gathering tactics are considered the reason for the crowds on the bus and he earns commission for the same from the owner (Nasser) of the bus service. Though Ganesh earns quite enough, he doesn't buy new clothes, things and eats very late and little. No one knows why he is saving so much money. The bus owner was, a young cleaner at Venkatesa bus service, but he fell in love with the owner's daughter and eloped with her. Then after much hardships he becomes owner of 4 buses and very rich, in the same town, while his father in-law's bus company failing. He and his family still maintain no contact with the mother's family.

    Ganesh is pursued by lottery ticket seller Saroja (Roja) who dreams of wedding him though receiving no response from him. Medical Final year student Kousalya (Kousalya), the daughter of Ganesh's boss, slowly falls for him after seeing his good-heartedness. One day, the bus owner's father in-law falls very sick and after much reluctance he and his wife go to see him. The old man proposes marriage between Kausalya and his another grandson to which bus owner says he needs 2 days to decide. That evening Kousalya is mistakenly locked in her class and the owner beats Ganesh believing that the duo eloped. Though the owner apologies, Ganesh is heart broken.

    Later, Kausalya visits a small suburban area colony for vaccination campaign,where she is shocked when she sees Ganesh being accused by a mentally ill woman Thulasi (Suvalakshmi), as being responsible for destroying her life and killing her brother.

    Kausalya finds that 3 years ago, the family of Thulasi moved to Cuddalore. But Thulasi came 2 days later and was lost in bus stand as her brother did not come to pick her up. Ganesh saw her and left in her in the area police station for safety in night. There she us brutally raped by the inspector. Thulasi berates Ganesh and comes home. She attempts suicide by poison, but she is saved yet she loses mental stability. Her brother, unable to bear her pain, commits suicide, leaving his pregnant wife.

    later Ganesh saves enough money and Thulasi is back to normal. Kausalya finds out that Ganesh has organised a marriage and rushes to save her love. She imagines whether Ganesh will marry her or Roja or Thulasi. But it is seen that the wedding is for Thulasi and that inspector who has changed into a good man. When Thulasi's sister in law is unable to perform rites as she is a widow, Ganesh marries her and then the duo perform the rites for Thulasi as brother and sister in-law.

    Later the bus owner gifts Ganesh a brand new bus and tells him that he is also an owner, to which Ganesh replies he is still a worker in heart.

    Also Known As:

    ஏழையின் சிரிப்பில்

    Release Date:

    4 February 2000


    P. Kalaimani

    Production Co:

    Sudhalakshmi Pictures