Ejamaan | Tamilian
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R.V. Udhaya Kumar 


Rajinikanth, Meena, Napolean

Ejamaan (Tamil: எஜமான்) is a Tamil-language Romance film which is Directed by R.V. Udhaya Kumar  & performed by Rajinikanth, Meena, Napolean and Released on 18 February 1993.

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    Vaanavaraayan (Rajinikanth) is a feudal chieftain, adored and respected by the people of his village. He lives with his grandparents (M. N. Nambiar & Manorama). Following his advice, they abstain from voting in the elections and instead, pool the money given by the candidates to get themselves some basic amenities. Vallavaraayan (Napoleon) is his arch enemy. Their enmity is further sharpened when Vaanavaraayan wins the hand of Vaitheeswari (Meena), whom Vallavaraayan had also wished to wed. Vallavaraayan then convinces the priest of the village temple to mix poison in the holy water that Vaitheeswari drinks. As a result, she becomes incapable of conceiving a baby. But surprisingly, Vaitheeswari soon becomes pregnant-though she has pretended with the help of the mid-wife (S. N. Lakshmi), to do so to uphold her husband's honour. She takes poison and kills herself unable to bear the grief of being incapable of giving her husband a child and on her deathbed makes Vaanavarayan swear to take Ponni (Aishwariya) as his wife. Vaanavarayan however refuses until Ponni agrees to marry Sembattai (Thalapathi Dinesh)- Vallavarayan's hechman-who abandons her to Vallavarayan's vice. Infuriated, Vaanavarayan attacks Vallavarayan and spares his life after giving him a sermon on how to win the heart of the people.

    Also Known As:

    எஜமான் | Yejaman

    Release Date:

    18 February 1993


    R. V. Udayakumar, Gokula Krishnan

    Production Co:

    AVM Productions

    Box Office:

    ₹9.6 crore