Ethiree | Tamilian
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K.S. Ravikumar


Madhavan, Sada, Kaniha

Ethiree (Tamil: எதிரே) is a Tamil-language Comedy film which is Directed by K.S. Ravikumar & performed by Madhavan, Sada, Kaniha and Released on 23 April 2004.

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    Subramani aka Mani (R. Madhavan) lives with his older sister and brother-in-law (R. Sundarrajan), who adopted him ever since his original parents died. They are caring and loving to him, while having a daughter, who is like a sister to Mani. Mani's brother-in-law wants to get their daughter married to Mani. But Mani happens to have learn that his cousin is in love with some other guy, who is jobless like him and cancels the wedding plans paving way for his cousin’s wedding with her lover. This angers Mani’s brother-in-law and he forces him out of his home.

    Natarajan Iyer (Delhi Ganesh) is an innocent man, an Brahmin Tamil, and a house owner in Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India who lives with his daughter Gayatri (Kanika), who is a college student near the Parthasarathy Temple. He is looking for a right tenant for the upper portion of his house. Since, he often fears that the prospective tenant might romance with Gayathri, he filters all the people who come asking for the house. He rents out the house to five bachelor students, who pretended to be good. Natarajan wants to get rid of the students, who used to stay at a hostel, but were expelled due to bad behavior. They had heard about Natarajan, his house, which includes a spare room apartment, which hasn't been used for about years and his conditions on living there including his fears and his filtering. They pretended to be good college students and were allowed to live in the house by Natarajan. Unfortunately, they end up showing their true nature to Natarajan and Gayatri, while causing Natarajan to have so much trouble. Natarajan tried to get them out of here, but was threatened by them along with Gayatri. He soon gets the help of Auto Sampath (Vivek) who is an auto driver and a friend of Mani. Auto suggest to Natarajan about hiring a rowdy to take care of the tenants, instead of hiring a lawyer, as by doing that, not only will the tenants get out of there, but also he and Gayatri. Natarajan accepted Auto's suggestion and Auto took him to see Mani at a prison.

    Auto lied to Natarajan that Mani was in the prison because he killed a house owner, but really, Mani was actually visiting his brother-in-law in there to give him his lunch, as his brother-in-law is the jailer in the prison and has his lunch delivered by Mani every day. Mani was reluctant into acting and pretending to be a rowdy, but Auto convinced him otherwise, as Mani has to pay back a bank loan of interest. Mani receives money from Natarajan as payment and in turn, he gave to his cousin asking her to give it to her lover, so that he can get a job and that she can finally talk about him to her father. Auto introduces Mani to Natarajan as a gangster/rowdy named 'Bottle' Mani, in which coincidentally, there is an actual gangster/rowdy named 'Bottle' Mani. Mani comes to Natarajan’s house and everyone in Mylapore is scared in believing Mani to be 'Bottle' Mani. Even the students were scared of Mani, but later warmed up to Mani and Auto and became fast friends with them. Mani and Auto started staying with them. Mani also became best friends with Gayatri and had helped saved her from a gang of goons at a marketplace, who confused him to be 'Bottle' Mani and have harassed Gayatri. Gayatri kept on talking about Mani to Natarajan a lot later that day, causing him to think that Mani and Gayatri are in love with each other. Mani warns the students to get vacate the house immediately. The students accepted to vacate the home within a week. One of the students requests Mani to help him unite with his lover, when he attempted to commit suicide, upon hearing that her family are doing an arranged marriage for her, but was mainly saved by his friends, Auto and Mani, who witnessed him doing his suicide attempt.

    Mani and Auto kidnap Priya (Sadha) on the day of her marriage from the wedding hall thinking her to be the lover of the non-bachelor student. But in reality, they ended up in another wedding hall. They tried waking up Priya, but were unable and were forced to have her admitted in a hospital. Priya wakes up and upon realizing what happened, attempted to commit suicide, but was saved by Mani. Mani and Auto take Priya along with them to Natarajan’s home, where Mani, Auto, and the students including the married student's wife questioned her and revealed to her, who her savior was: Mani. Priya attempted to commit suicide again, as her wedding is already cancelled due to the mishap, but was stopped by Mani. Mani apologizes to Priya and requests to drop her back to her home, while having be to introduced to Natarajan and Gayatri as the sister of one of the students. Slowly, Priya gets attracted towards Mani seeing his kind nature and also after coming to know about the sacrifice made by him for the well being of his cousin, while also of his help to get an acceptance from the family of the married student's wife of their marriage. Mani was then later confronted by the doctor (Bosskey) that checked on Priya and he revealed to him that Priya was poisoned, when she was kidnapped by Mani and Auto at her wedding and at the time, she was admitted at the hospital.

    Confronted by Mani, Priya reveals a flashback where she is the only daughter of a rich politician (FEFSI Vijayan). Her father wants Priya to get married to ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police), Raghavan (Rahman), an corrupt cop and an affluent sadist, who was once married, but had killed his own wife in a sadistic manner. Although, Priya is not interested in the proposal having learned Raghavan's true nature from the priest, who is conducting her wedding and had conducted Raghavan's first wedding, her father wanted her to agree, just because Raghavan helped him escape from a police case. Priya decides to commit suicide on the day of her wedding with Raghavan, but luckily gets kidnapped and saved by Mani, whom she first met at a shopping mall mistaking him to be Raghavan, which is coincidentally is the very day she and Raghavan first met. It was also the very day Mani and Raghavan first met each other in a scuffle Raghavan had with Mani over his engagement ring for Priya, that Mani accidentally got it pretty dirty, only for him to clean it up. Priya also met Mani again at his fight in the marketplace.

    Meanwhile, Raghavan sets charge to find Priya and marry her. Priya's father found out where his daughter is and attempted to take her back with him, but eventually ended up having a fight with Mani and was defeated by him. Raghavan arrives there, holds Mani at gunpoint and arrests him under a false case of him being 'Bottle' Mani, while getting his colleagues to beat him up, as Priya was taken back home by her father. Mani escaped with the help of Auto, the tenants, and a sympathetic police officer, Inspector Dhanapathi (Thennavan), who is one of Raghavan's colleagues, when he was set to killed in an encounter by Raghavan. This causes Raghavan to kill Dhanapathi and one of the students, while covering up the murders and getting another of his colleagues, a police constable (Kanal Kannan) to be an eyewitness of this by pinning it all on Mani. Mani, on hearing of this, tries to get revenge by confronting and beating up all of Raghavan's colleagues including the constable, in which this in turn cause Raghavan to put and arrest Mani's brother-in-law, Natarajan, three of the students, and Auto behind bars.

    Mani confronts Raghavan and a fight happens between them. Priya's father intervened and tried to help Raghavan to defeat Mani, but ended up being accidentally killed by Raghavan. Raghavan attempted to use Priya as a hostage, only for him to be shot and killed by Mani, who was armed with a gun. Mani covers both murders by getting Priya to be an eyewitness to this crime, while also getting himself to be innocent by having the constable to reveal the entire truth to the press. Finally in the end, Priya reunites with Mani. They along with Auto and the rest of the tenants depart the house, gave their farewells to Natarajan and Gayatri, and went on their own separate ways. The film ends with a group of bachelors wanting to be the new tenants of the house by being just like the students pretended to be: good boys. Natarajan accepted them, and while he and most of the tenants were gone, one of them made advances toward Gayatri, only for Gayatri to scold him. As she left, the tenant (K.S. Ravikumar) then said the very punchline of Auto to the audience, who commonly tells that to Natarajan throughout the entire and whole film: " Just kidding, just kidding."

    Also Known As:

    எதிரே , Aethirree

    Release Date:

    23 April 2004


    K. S. Ravikumar, Kamalesh Kumar

    Production Co:

    Damini Enterprises