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F**k Buddies

F**k Buddies (Tamil: எஃப் ** கே நண்பர்களே) is a Tamil-language Drama film which is performed by Aarti, Arjun, Jaytesh Calpakkam and Released on 27 September 2018.

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    F*ck Buddies, we see a middle-aged man on his couch drinking a glass of scotch, when his daughter walks in, sits next to him and takes a swig. "How's your sex life?," he asks her, matter-of-factly. They drone on about his date and her new friends and when the scene ends, she replies, "to answer your question, it's going pretty amazing." The effect the show is going for is cool and casual; just a father-daughter duo knocking back after a tough day at work. But then you watch it again and notice that there's nothing else in the scene. It doesn't lead to anything nor does it reveal something new about Jiah (Jikki Nair), the show's protagonist. And when you realize that the father doesn't get a second scene in the show, you sense a problem. The scene was written exclusively for its shock value. Which is ok if the show was trying to achieve something that was truly shocking. Even its central concept, about two friends "benefitting" with no strings attached, isn't exactly fresh. Other than ...

    Also Known As:

    எஃப் ** கே நண்பர்களே

    Release Date:

    27 September 2018

    Production Co:

    Maapillai Productions