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Jay Jay





R. Madhavan, Amogha, Pooja

Jay Jay (Tamil: ஜே ஜே) is a Tamil-language Romance film which is Directed by Saran & performed by R. Madhavan, Amogha, Pooja and Released on 14 November 2003.

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    Jagan (R. Madhavan) and Jamuna (Amogha) meet in a shopping mall in Chennai. They like each other and spend a day chatting in the coffee shop. Jamuna, a believer in destiny, writes down her address and phone number on a Rs.100 note and makes the payment at the cafe declaring that if the note comes back to Jagan, then it means that he was destined to meet her. He tries hard to trace the note, but in vain. Jamuna goes back to Kolkata. Meanwhile, Seema (Pooja), who was rescued by Madhavan from some thugs, has a crush on him. Jagan, unable to find Jamuna, agrees to marry Seema. Finally, Jagan manages to get Jamuna's address on the eve of her wedding and unites with her.

    Also Known As:

    ஜே ஜே

    Release Date:

    14 November 2003



    Production Co:

    Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd