Kadhalikka Neramillai | Tamilian
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Kadhalikka Neramillai



C.V. Sridhar


T.S. Balaiah, Kanchana, R. Muthuraman

Kadhalikka Neramillai (Tamil: காதலிக்க நேரமில்லை) is a Tamil-language Comedy film which is Directed by C.V. Sridhar & performed by T.S. Balaiah, Kanchana, R. Muthuraman and Released on 27 February 1964.

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    Viswanathan (T. S. Balaiah) is an arrogant, money-minded estate owner who lives in a bungalow called Chinnamalai Estate near Pollachi. His son Chellappa (Nagesh) is an aspiring filmmaker; Chellappa is the antithesis of his father and voices his displeasure at his father's arrogance. Viswanathan also has two daughters; Kanchana (Kanchana) and Nirmala (Rajasree). Kanchana is in love with her college mate Vasu (R. Muthuraman), the son of a rich Chennai-based businessman Sachidanandam (V. S. Raghavan). The sisters return home after completing their education in Chennai. One day while out sightseeing, a battered car driven by their father's young, rebellious estate manager Ashok (Ravichandran) bumps into their car. The sisters quarrel with Ashok and are annoyed by his insolence. At their home, they force Viswanathan to dismiss Ashok. Infuriated, Ashok pitches a tent overlooking their bungalow and begins a strike to get his job back. Nirmala accidentally drops a bucket of water on Ashok's head, hurting him. Feeling guilty, she visits Ashok's tent to apologise and they fall in love.

    Viswanathan decides to get his daughters married to wealthy men. Ashok realises that because he is poor he has no chance of becoming a prospective groom. Nirmala loves him but she does not wish to elope with him. He calls up his friend, who happens to be Vasu, to pose as his wealthy father. Vasu arrives at Chinnamalai and agrees to help. He disguises himself as a rich, old man named Chidambaram. When Kanchana is introduced to Vasu in disguise, he is shocked because he believes Ashok loves Kanchana, but discovers to his relief that Ashok is in love with Nirmala.

    Meanwhile, Chellappa starts a film production house called Oho Productions. Unable to earn anyone's faith in his capabilities, he handles the film-making himself. Chellappa unsuccessfully tries to persuade his father to finance his film; he engages the estate manager's daughter Meenalochni (Sachu) to play the heroine in his film. Chellappa selects Ashok for the film's screenplay and asks Chidambaram to fund it. When the film does not progress as expected, Meenalochni's father forces Chellappa to marry her. Chellappa initially refuses but realising he has no choice, he accepts the offer.

    On a short trip, Chidambaram reveals his identity to Vishwanathan's daughters, who agree to play along. Viswanathan, believing Ashok is the only heir of a millionaire, asks Kanchana's consent to marry him. When Kanchana rejects the proposal, Viswanathan asks Nirmala, who happily accepts. Sachidanandam, who is buying a nearby estate, is referred to Viswanathan and arrives in Chinnamalai. They meet and discover that they are childhood friends. Thinking it would be inappropriate to marry off his younger daughter while the elder one is still unmarried, Viswanathan arranges Kanchana's marriage to Vasu, who meets his father is unable to reveal his true identity to prevent getting caught. When Sachidanandam returns to Chennai to make the wedding preparations, he finds that there has been no word from his son, who left for Coimbatore weeks before. Sachidanandam almost cancels the marriage when Vasu makes a telephone call in the nick of time and approves the marriage.

    Sachidanandam's car breaks down and he takes shelter in a nearby hut until it is fixed. There, he finds a photograph of Ashok and an elderly school teacher who is Ashok's father. He suspects Ashok of foul play to usurp Viswanathan's riches and files a complaint. Vasu and Ashok are held in custody by the police. As Sachidanandam arrives at the police station, the truth behind the impersonation is revealed and he withdraws his complaint. When his daughters refuse to part with their lovers, Viswanathan realises their love and agrees to their request to get married.

    Also Known As:

    காதலிக்க நேரமில்லை | There's No Time for Love

    Release Date:

    27 February 1964


    C. V. Sridhar, Chitralaya Gopu

    Production Co:

    Chitralaya Pictures