Kandha Kadamba Kathir Vela | Tamilian
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Kandha Kadamba Kathir Vela



Rama Narayanan


Prabhu, S.Ve.Shekhar, Vivek, Vadivelu, Roja, Kovai Sarala, Nirosha

Kandha Kadamba Kathir Vela (Tamil: கந்தா கடம்பா கதிர் வேல) is a Tamil-language Action film which is Directed by Rama Narayanan & performed by Prabhu, S.Ve.Shekhar, Vivek, Vadivelu, Roja, Kovai Sarala, Nirosha and Released on 5 May 2000.

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    Parvathi (Latha) is a rich and arrogant woman who leads her life with her three sons – Kandha (Prabhu), Kadamba (S.Ve. Sekar) and Kathirvela (Vivek). The sons are very obedient towards their mother and they run a restaurant in Chennai. Parvathi also had a daughter (Bhuvaneshwari) who married Vadivelan (Vadivelu), a barber following which Parvathi disowns her daughter. Vadivelan decides to teach a lesson for Parvathi. He understands that Parvathi’s sons are in love with girls from economically backward community and sets a plan to get them married against Parvathi’s wishes. Kandha is married to Rubini (Roja), Kadamba to Ragini (Kovai Sarala) and Kathir to Rohini (Nirosha).

    Also Known As:

    கந்தா கடம்பா கதிர் வேல

    Release Date:

    5 May 2000


    Rama Narayanan, Pugazhmani

    Production Co:

    Sri Thenandal Films