Katham Katham | Tamilian
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4.8 IMDB Rating

Katham Katham



Babu Thooyavan


Nandha, Nataraja Subramanian, Sanam Shetty

Katham Katham (Tamil: கதம் கதம்) is a Tamil-language Action film which is Directed by Babu Thooyavan performed by Nandha, Nataraja Subramanian, Sanam Shetty on 28 October 2016.

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    Nandha (Nandha Durairaj) is an upright sub-inspector of police who has been transferred 15 times in three years. He is then transferred in a police station based in Pollachi. There, Police Inspector Pandian (Natarajan Subramaniam) is in the pay of Minister Periyannan (Rajagopalan), who runs in own government in the place. Nandha is shocked to note that Pandian and the entire police department are corrupt. Thereafter, Nandha tries hard to enforce the order. Soon, both policemen clash. Pandian becomes an honest policeman after Periyannan's men attempt to kill him, and he is revived with blood transfusions from the public. However, Nandha does not believe that he has truly changed. After a fellow honest sub-inspector gets killed by Periyannan's men, Nandha blames Pandian, and through short routes, becomes inspector himself. He arranges for Periyannan and his men to clash with Pandian, but in the ensuing fight, Pandian kills them all, while Nandha walks away.


    Babu Thooyavan

    Production Co:

    Appu Movies