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Kattradhu Thamizh





Jiiva, Anjali, Karunas

Kattradhu Thamizh (Tamil: கற்றது தமிழ்) is a Tamil-language Drama film which is Directed by Ram & performed by Jiiva, Anjali, Karunas and Released on 6 October 2007.

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    Prabhakar (Jiiva) is a Tamil teacher in a private school in west Mambalam area of Chennai, who leads a lonely life in a lodge. He is frustrated and even tries to commit suicide, in a system where knowing your mother tongue and teaching it is looked down upon by a society craving for material benefits and imbalance in pay structure.

    The narration is mostly in a series of flashbacks. Prabhakar, for no fault of his, is at the receiving end, terrorized by cops and on the run after killing a railway booking clerk in a fit of rage. He roams all around the country and joins some saadhus, high on pot and also grows his hair long and keeps a shaggy beard. Finally he wants to exorcise the devils within and at gun point kidnaps a television anchor Yuvaan-Suang(Karunas), who records his life story, where he confesses to killing 22 people in cold blood.

    Also Known As:

    கற்றது தமிழ், Katradhu Tamil

    Release Date:

    6 October 2007



    Production Co:

    MR Film Productions