Maharaja | Tamilian
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D. Manoharan


Anjali, Karunas, Nassar

Maharaja (Tamil: மகாராஜா) is a Tamil-language Drama film which is Directed by D. Manoharan & performed by Anjali, Karunas, Nassar on December 30, 2011.

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    Mahadevan (Nassar) is a middle-aged government employee who leads a very normal family life with his wife, son, and father. He lives a budget life, rides an old scooter, wears out-of-fashion clothes, and bears a sullen expression on his face for all the reasons above. He is unhappy with his present life, which is monotonous, and feels that he should lives a modernized life which he has missed in his earlier life. In this day and age, with westernization overpowering everything else, he is constantly reminded of a flame that died out long ago, and it questions the purpose of his existence. Meanwhile, Aravind (Sathya), who comes from America, lives a very modern life. He works in a software company in Chennai. Mahadevan happens to meet Aravind and comes to know that he is his nephew. Both of them become very close. Aravind helps Mahadevan enjoy the modern life, which causes Mahadevan’s family to suffer greatly with his activities. However, Aravind turns a new lease of life when he falls for Priya (Anjali). He changes his poor characters for his love. Aravind comes to understand the real life and feels that he would only spoil his uncle’s life. How he helps his uncle through this midlife crisis forms the rest of the story.

    Release Date:

    30 December 2011


    D. Manoharan

    Production Co:

    Jeyaram Company