Nayagi | Tamilian
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3.5 IMDB Rating




Govi, Goverdhan Reddy


Brahmanandam, V. Jayaprakash, Trisha Krishnan

Nayagi (Tamil: நாயகி) is a Tamil-language Horror film which is Directed by Govi, Goverdhan Reddy performed byBrahmanandam, V. Jayaprakash, Trisha Krishnan on 15 July 2016.

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    The film starts with Gayathri wondering to become a heroine and killing someone. The film shifts to a cafe where Sanjay a director is sent to meet his rich would-be-fiancée. Then he meets a girl who is not rich but it is revealed that she is fooled by him and he made her fall for him. He takes her to an old bungalow with wrong intentions and to shoot it. But Gayathri who appears only in camera scares them and reveals his intention to her and Gaythri possesses her. Sanjay meets Gayathri's father's soul and he starts narrating why Gayathri hates this type of men.

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    Release Date:

    15 July 2016


    Murthy B.D., Mali G.

    Production Co:

    Giridhar Production House