Pandi | Tamilian
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Rasu Madhuravan


Raghava Lawrence, Sneha, Namitha

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Pandi (Tamil: பண்டி) is a Tamil-language Family film which is Directed by Rasu Madhuravan & performed by Raghava Lawrence, Sneha, Namitha and Released on 23 May 2008.


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    Pandi (Raghava Lawrence) does menial jobs in Dubai and saves every penny he earns and sends it to his family in Usilampatti. A flashback reveals that he was a carefree youth, who is often chided by his father Sundarapandi (Nasser). His elder brother Rajapandi (Sriman) is the blue-eyed boy of his father. However Pandi's mother Sivagami (Saranya Ponvannan) showers all her love and affection on him. His mother has a dream of building her own house in her land. Rajapandi says Pandi to go to a marriage ceremony, while on the train he met Bhuvana (Sneha), a cop’s daughter in the other village and after a sequence of events romance blossoms between them. one afternoon Bhuvana gives all the money she has on her person to Pandi and convinces him to take her out to lunch at a restaurant. After eating his lunch, he went outside to wash his hands and saw his sister and her boyfriend having a conversation. He chases the motorbike on Auto leaving Bhuvana stuck with the bill and no money, having given it all to Pandi. When Pandi eventually catches up with the boyfriend, the boyfriend tells him that they are seriously in love, and he's going to be coming over to their place with his parents to ask for her hand in marriage. Everything was going well until a couple days later Sundarapandi want the money to buy the jewelry. Pandi's family receives a shock as Pandi Mother can't find the money they have saved up to pay for the wedding. Since Pandi is already a known trouble maker and has been to jail already, the father blames him and kicks him out of the house. This happens in front of Bhuvana, who has come to see where he has been the last few days and why he ran away at the restaurant. This incident with his father accusing him of taking the money has convinced her that he took her money the other day and ran and also just using her. In the end, it turns out, his elder brother Rajapandi has run away from the house with his lover and with the money.

    A dejected father is consoled by Pandi, who borrows money from a private money-lender and completes the wedding. Meanwhile, Pandi tries to make amends with Bhuvana, but she won't hear any of it. Pandi's father, seeing the argument, went over and told Bhuvana the truth and how he misjudged his son and it wasn't him that took the money. The following day, Pandi's father went to Bhuvan's house to ask her father to fix a marriage between Pandi and Bhuvana. Bhuvana's father upon hearing this is furious. He is the local police inspector and knows all about Pandi's past. He refuses to marry his daughter to a criminal. Bhuvana's father arrange a marriage for her, but she went to Sundarapandi to say she will die before merry another person than Pandi. Pandi snatched Bhuvana from her house and take her to her father police station and ask her father to approve. Bhuvana father gets angry and says she is not his daughter anymore and he will think his daughter eloped and lost. Pandi merry Bhuvana and as police protection Bhuvana father watch her getting married.

    Determined to pay back the loan and help his family overcome their financial constraint, Pandi decides to go abroad and work as conservancy staff. He manages to stabilize his family with his earnings. However, on his return, he is shocked to find his mother dead. Coming to know that it was no natural death, he decides to avenge the killers. He find that Sunderapandi colleague hire a killer to kill him and his mother died. He beats him up and when Pandi take aknife to kiil him, he gets

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    23 May 2008


    Rasu Madhuravan

    Production Co:

    Nemichand Jhabak