Poovellam Un Vasam | Tamilian
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Poovellam Un Vasam





Ajith Kumar, Jyothika, Nagesh

Poovellam Un Vasam (Tamil: பூவெல்லாம் உன் வாசம்) is a Tamil-language Drama film which is Directed by Ezhil & performed by Ajith Kumar, Jyothika, Nagesh and Released on 17 August 2001.

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    Two families stay in identical bungalows, adjacent to each other, tracing their friendship to over 40 years. Their respective progenies Chinna (Ajith Kumar) and Chella (Jyothika) are childhood buddies, their easy camaraderie and strong bonding carried over to their adult years. The two study in the same college, same class, zoom together on the motorbike, their togetherness at home and college, as accepted a fact as it was in films like Piriyadha Varam Vendum. Somewhere along the way, the duo falls in love, throwing some soft glances at each other when the other is not looking. Their college mate Karna (Yugendran), makes devious plans to separate the duo and make Chella his. He does not seem to have any running feud with Chinna, is quite friendly with the duo, and does not seem to be particularly in love with Chella. Chinna laps up all that Karna tells him about Chella loving him, and is heartbroken and goes out on a business trip. Chella, persuaded by both families to marry an NRI, boldly informs them that she loved Chinna and would marry him. The two families are happy. Chinna returns home and learns of the preparation for his engagement ceremony. Feeling that since Chella loved Karna, it must be family pressure that must have forced her to agree. Chinna then backs out. It is Chella's turn to be indignant about Chinna's mistrust of her love, and after giving him a piece of her mind, she backs out, with Chinna pleading for acceptance. After a period of separation, during which all ties between the two families are severed, Chella's family soon come to realise that they cannot live without their dearest friends (and lover). The two families then reunite.

    Also Known As:

    பூவெல்லாம் உன் வாசம் | Poovellam Un Vaasam

    Release Date:

    17 August 2001



    Production Co:

    Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd