Priyamanavale | Tamilian
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K. Selvabharathi


Joseph Vijay, Radhika Chaudhari, Balasubramaniam S.P.

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Priyamanavale (Tamil: ப்ரியமானவளே) is a Tamil-language Romance film which is Directed by K. Selvabharathi & performed by Joseph Vijay, Radhika Chaudhari, Balasubramaniam S.P. and Released on 26 October 2000.


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    Viswanathan (S. P. Balasubrahmanyam) is a rich industrialist whose only son is Vijay (Vijay). Vijay returns from abroad after education and is heavily influenced by the Western culture and prefers to enjoy the life instead of getting married and managing businesses. Viswanthan plans to get Vijay married so that he will become responsible in life. But to his shock, Vijay agrees for marriage provided that the marriage should be valid only for one year beyond which it is to be decided by Vijay. Viswanthan worries as no girl will be ready to accept for such a kind of agreement and then explains his situation to his personal secretary Priya (Simran) and requests her to marry Vijay, as Priya is more responsible and matured. Viswanthan believes that if Priya gets married to Vijay, then there are chances that Vijay’s character will get changed.

    Priya hesitates initially, but she is the only breadwinner for her poor family. She has to look after her mother, elder sister who needs a heart surgery, younger sister who needs to get married, and a brother who is jobless. So she decides to sacrifice her life for her family's sake and agrees to marry Vijay, accepting the agreement. Vijay and Priya become good friends after marriage. Vijay gets to know about the money siphoning made by his office employees Manohar (Thalaivasal Vijay) and 7 Tens (Kazan Khan). He dismisses them and lodges a complaint with police following which they both get arrested. They decide to kill Vijay and plan for an accident. Vijay gets injured and Priya takes care of him very well, following which he recovers.

    On the day of their first wedding anniversary, to everyone’s surprise, Vijay says that his marriage life has ended as per agreement and drops Priya at her home. Priya gets deeply hurt by Vijay’s behaviour. One day, Vijay sees a beggar in a traffic signal carrying his physically challenged wife on his back and begging. Hence Vijay realizes his mistake, learns the Eastern (Indian) culture and feels guilty that even a beggar takes care of his wife well which he didn’t. So Vijay rushes back to Priya’s home and calls her back. But Priya refuses to come with Vijay as she is hurt by his behavior.

    Priya gets employed with a new company. On knowing this, Vijay takes over that company to woo Priya. But Priya does not talk to Vijay in office. Priya gets pregnant and a baby shower function is organized by Priya’s family for which Vijay and Viswanathan are invited. During the function, in front of her new colleagues, Priya insults Vijay by revealing that he is her husband and he left her after a year as per the agreement. Vijay retaliates immediately that even Priya married him knowing about the agreement is only because she needed money for her elder sister’s operation, younger sister’s wedding, job securement for her brother. Vijay accuses that Priya utilized his wealth to improve her family’s ailing situation and leaves the place.

    Vijay and his friends now plan to play a trick to impress Priya. They decide to lie to Priya that Vijay is stabbed by his ex-employees whom he had sent to jail before so that Priya will change her mind and unite with Vijay. Priya comes to know about Vijay and his friends’ plan and she goes to meet Vijay and scold him for his plans. But things take a turn where Manohar and 7 Tens really escape from jail and stab Vijay. Now Priya knows that Vijay’s condition is really serious and rushes to save him, but she slips and falls down and is unable to move as her delivery date is due. Vijay manages to bear his pain and takes Priya to a hospital where both get admitted and treated. Priya gives birth to a baby boy while Vijay’s life is also saved. In the end, both Vijay and Priya unite again.

    Also Known As:

    ப்ரியமானவளே | Dil Ki Baat

    Release Date:

    26 October 2000


    Bhupati Raja (story


    Cinema Express Award for Best Actress (Tamil) - Simran | Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Female Dubbing Artist - Savitha Reddy

    Production Co:

    Gita Chitra International