Sehar | Tamilian
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Kabeer Kaushik


Arshad Warsi, Pankaj Kapur, Mahima Chaudhry

Sehar (Tamil: சேகர்) is a Tamil dubbed Action film which is Directed by Kabeer Kaushik performed by Arshad Warsi, Pankaj Kapur, Mahima Chaudhry on 29 July 2005.

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    The film begins with Professor Tiwari (Pankaj Kapur) being interviewed about police encounters and bids to eradicate organised crime from Lucknow and its surrounding areas. It then showcases Ajay Kumar (Arshad Warsi). Since he was young, Ajay has been traumatised by the death of his army officer father, who killed himself when accused of being a deserter, leaving his widow Prabha (Suhasini Mulay) to bring up Ajay on her own. Ajay studies hard and successfully becomes an Indian Police Service officer with the title of Senior Superintendent of Police of Lucknow. Due to his honesty, he gets transferred to various states in India, around 14 times in eight years. At his new posting in Uttar Pradesh, he comes to terms with a new criminal boss and ruthless killer, Gajraj Singh (Sushant Singh). Ajay engineers the setting up of a Special Task Force to deal with Gajraj. However, he also runs into problems as Gajraj is politically well-connected. Gajraj continues to elude the Task Force, using more modern technology such as the use of cell phones. But the Task Force recovers and is able to monitor Gajraj's cell phones with the help of Prof. Tiwari. They find out that Gajraj is planning to contest the elections and if he wins, no police officer of any rank, even the Task Force, would then dare to arrest him or even consider him a suspect, which may well result in the Task Force being mere paper tigers. They have a final confrontation inside a train which leaves from Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station. All the officers in the Task Force as well as members of Gajraj's gang kill each other in the fight, leaving Prof. Tiwari as the only witness.

    Also Known As:

    Между жизнью и смертью

    Release Date:

    29 July 2005


    Kabeer Kaushik


    ₹40 million

    Box Office:

    ₹20.40 million