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Singam 2





Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Hansika Motwani

Singam 2 (Tamil: சிங்கம் ௨) is a Tamil-language Action film which is Directed by Hari & performed by Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Hansika Motwani and Released on 4 July 2013.

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    After having killed extortionist Mayil Vaaganam (Prakash Raj) in the first film, Durai Singam (Suriya) has gone undercover after meeting Home Minister Ramanathan (Vijayakumar) and is now working as an NCC officer in a Thoothukudi school. The people who know about this operation are the Chief Minister (K. Viswanath) and Ramanathan. Sathya (Hansika Motwani) is a student who falls for ingam, though he is waiting to marry his love interest Kavya (Anushka Shetty). Singam's father Soundara Pandi (Radha Ravi) is angry about him leaving the police force. He also forbids the marriage between Singam and Kavya.

    Susai (Santhanam), a local who works in the same school, shows Singam parts of Thoothukudi and tells him about the happenings in those places. Singam requests Ramanathan to transfer Erimalai (Vivek) and another cop to assist him. Singam learns that Sathya is the niece of businessman Thangaraj (Rahman). Thangaraj and Bhai (Mukesh Rishi) are criminals who control the southeast coastline of Tamil Nadu. Bhai and Thangaraj have connections with an international gangster and drug lord Danny (Danny Sapani), and are trafficking cocaine. Bhai's chief drug importer Saghayam (Rajendran) kidnaps a girl from another caste, holds her ransom until sunset, and releases her. This causes a problem in the city, and Singam's school principal (Madhan Bob) has to close the school. Singam takes charge as new DSP and rescues the girl. He is praised by the public and is also forgiven by his father.

    Singam then finds out about Thangaraj and Bhai. He decides to arrest Saghayam first, but the latter is bringing Danny with him. Sagayam and Danny are arrested, but Thangaraj later releases them. Singam finds that Danny has escaped, the police station is in ruins, and his fellow officers are injured. Because of this, he is suspended. He warns Bhai that he knows about Danny and will return soon. Singam meets Ramanathan at Chennai and later gets his post back. Bhai plans for Saghayam to deliver drugs to Danny but is arrested by Singam. Later, at Singam's engagement function, Harbour Shanmugam (Thyagu) informs him that Thangaraj has hired goons to attack his home at night and kill everyone. Singam foils that plan by killing all the goons. He then places a drug bag insides Thangaraj's house and jails him. However, on the next day, Singam gets a phone call from someone to inform him that Sathya has died. He is rushed to Thangaraj's house and there finds Sathya lying dead. He analyzes that Sathya was killed by her father (Thalaivasal Vijay), who poisoned her. Singam traces Danny, who is in South Africa, and arrests him.

    Also Known As:

    சிங்கம் ௨

    Release Date:

    5 July 2013


    Hari, Shivgopal Krishna (Hindi dialogues)

    Production Co:

    Prince Pictures


    45 Crore INR

    Box Office:

    130 Crore INR