Thenaliraman | Tamilian
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Yuvaraj Dhayalan


Vadivelu, Meenakshi Dixit, Radha Ravi

Thenaliraman (Tamil: சிவப்பு) is a Tamil-language Horror film which is Directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan performed by Vadivelu, Meenakshi Dixit, Radha Ravi on 18 April 2014.

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    The movie opens to a prologue, where King Parasbaram (Radha Ravi), ruler of a small rival kingdom and the nine ministers of the great Empire of Vikata Nagaram are on their way to a Chinese consulate's mansion. They are warmly welcomed by General Wang (Wilson Ng) and courtesan Hong (Vivienne Tseng) once they reach there. The Chinese consulate, headed by Chao Gong Gong (Nickson Cheng), wishes to engage in trade with the people of the Kingdom of Vikata Nagaram and reap the benefits. Thus, the ministers strike a deal with Parasbaram and the Chinese to help them after being promed a huge share of the benefits. The Foreign Affairs Minister of Vikata Nagaram, Nandivarma Rayar (Joe Malloori) objects to this, saying that he doesn't want to betray the King and his people for money. Chao Gong Gong then orders courtesan Hong to kill him with a poisoned needle from her hair.

    Also Known As:

    Jagajala Pujabala Thenaliraman

    Release Date:

    18 April 2014


    Yuvaraj Dhayalan

    Production Co:

    AGS Entertainment


    US$2.8 million

    Box Office:

    US$6.3 million