Thiruthani | Tamilian
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Bharath Srinivasan, Sunaina, Raj Kiran

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Thiruthani (Tamil: திருத்தணி) is a Tamil-language Family film which is Directed by Perarasu & performed by Bharath Srinivasan, Sunaina, Raj Kiran and Released on 19 October 2012.


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    The film opens with Thiruthani (Bharath) beating up men who cause trouble to his sister for celebrating Diwali. Duraipandi (Rajkiran), an ex-military officer, watches the fight along with many others. However, Duraipandi becomes furious when Thiruthani refuses to save an athlete from having his leg broken despite his pleas for help. It is here that Thiruthani justifies his actions saying that everyone stood watching as his unconscious mother was left locked up in a burning building for fear that they would be killed by the local rowdies. Meanwhile, Thiruthani falls for Sugeesha (Sunaina), an orphan who goal in life is to marry a person with a large family. Soon, Thiruthani gets involved in an accident causing severe damages to his skull. The doctor privately tells him that he would only live for six months. Unable to bear the thought of his family being depressed upon his death, he becomes harsh with them, believing this would make them hate him. Seeing this, Duraipandi advises that he should kill the local rowdies so that everyone can live peacefully and that he will not face jail as he is about to die. As time passes, Thiruthani becomes one of the most wanted criminals. Shocked at this news, the doctor informs Thiruthani that he lied only because of Duraipandi's request. Furious, Thiruthani advances on Duraipandi only to find out that the latter has lost one leg in the Army. The climax shows Duraipandi taking the blame for the murders (as no one has seen Thiruthani) and getting shot.

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    19 October 2012



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    VK Media