Vaanmathi | Tamilian
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Dhamu, Hemalatha, Ajith Kumar

Vaanmathi (Tamil: வான்மதி) is a Tamil-language Action film which is Directed by Ahathian & performed by Dhamu, Hemalatha, Ajith Kumar and Released on 12 January 1996.

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    Krishna (Ajith) belongs to a middle-class family, where his father is a womanizer and brought up Krishna as a good for nothing fellow. Krishna is also a youngster who likes to waste time his time, by hanging out with his friends and roaming behind girls. Vaanmathi (Swathi) is the daughter of a rich business woman who is very arrogant and does anything for money. For example, she even abandoned her husband when Vaanmathi was a baby for money. Vaanmathi is a girl who grew up to be a bully, by bringing a bunch of friends in her vehicle and making fun of every guy they come across. Krishna and Vaanmathi play tricks on each other and fight after they met but eventually fall in love, but Vaanmathi's mother is not happy with that. She dislikes Krishna as sees him as her enemy number 1.

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    12 January 1996



    Production Co:

    Sivashakthi Movie Makers