Vanakkam Chennai | Tamilian
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Vanakkam Chennai



Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi


Shiva, Priya Anand, Santhanam

Vanakkam Chennai (Tamil: வணக்கம் சென்னை) is a Tamil-language Comedy film which is Directed by Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi & performed by Shiva, Priya Anand, Santhanam and Released on 11 October 2013.

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    Ajay (Shiva), an educated youth comes to Chennai from his hometown, Theni to take up a job. Anjali (Priya Anand), a photographer from London is also in the city to capture the South Indian culture on camera.

    The duo are deceived by Narayanan (Santhanam), a real estate broker, who rents out unoccupied houses without informing the house owners. Ajay and Anjali pay the rental money to Narayanan and end up signing the same house. Unable to find another house to rent, the duo decide to stay together, till they find Narayanan. They squabble and argue a lot, but soon Ajay falls in love with Anjali. However, he does not reveal to her of his feelings. After taking her on a trip to Theni, he realizes that she does not reciprocate his feelings. Soon, Ajay tracks down Narayanan, who Ajay met in a chance encounter earlier, where Ajay pockets Narayanan's address from his wallet, and blames him for the misery in his life, because it was Narayanan's trickery that brought them together and now, Ajay cannot live without her love. Narayanan decides to help Ajay and he visits the house, under the pretense of being Ajay's friend, Billa Senthil. He tries to make Anjali fall for Ajay. Anjali's fiance, Deepak (Rahul Ravindran) then gives Anjali a surprise visit, just as when she begins to enjoy Ajay's company. Narayanan continues to try to getting Ajay and Anjali together, but with no success.

    On the night of Anjali's birthday, Ajay decides that she will never love him, and resorts to drinking, after being depressed. Meanwhile, Anjali realizes that she loves Ajay, but is angry at his behavior under the influence of alcohol. The next day, she goes to the wedding of Ajay's colleague as his wife, due to the fact that his colleagues think she is his wife and looks for him there. Just when, they find each other and are about to confess their feelings for one another, due to a misunderstanding, Anjali thinks that Ajay and Narayanan are tricksters and have planned the whole same house plot. Enraged, she returns to London.

    Three months later, as Anjali wins her photography contest, Deepak tells her that Narayanan had told him everything from scratch, and convinces her that she loves Ajay and vice versa. Anjali comes back to their apartment, and looks for Ajay, but does not find him. At the same moment, Ajay opens the door and finds his passport that he was looking for. Anjali meets him at last and is thrilled. She asks him why he did not come to woo her for the last three months in London. Ajay tells her that he had just received his passport and was planning on leaving to the airport. As the two reconcile, Narayanan enters, with a prospective victim (Udhayanidhi Stalin) to trick, and shows him the house. The film concludes showing the same deceiving trick that brought the couple together.

    Also Known As:

    வணக்கம் சென்னை

    Release Date:

    11 October 2013


    Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi

    Production Co:

    Red Giant Movies