Vennira Iravugal | Tamilian
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7.8 IMDB Rating

Vennira Iravugal



Perakas Rajaram


Mathi Alagan, Larmin Andrea, David Anthony

Vennira Iravugal (Tamil: வெண்ணிற இரவுகள்) is a Tamil-language Comedy film which is Directed by Perakas Rajaram & performed by Mathi Alagan, Larmin Andrea, David Anthony and Released on 6 March 2014.

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    Vennira Iravuggal (duration: 100 minutes), is a story about a rich, seemingly irresponsible senior student, Ramesh at a university (shot on the campus of Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang).Ramesh & his sidekick rag junior female students but Ramesh soon begins to have a different attitude to a freshie, Megala. They soon get together to the extent that she begins to have full faith in him in spite of her friends warning her to be careful. Ramesh suddenly vanishes taking Megala’s money by using her bank card & runs off to Myanmar. Megala goes in search of Ramesh, determined to get her money back.

    Megala takes a (physical) journey (all the way to an impoverished Indian community in Myanmar). A logline that appears on the poster is: When are you going to pay me back? This is her personal objective in the film (one which is also paralled with Ramesh’s father who’s also concerned with money).

    In the process, Megala undergoes a transformation (one that is also bit by bit motivated by her remembrance of the past & her relationship with Ramesh at the university campus). Through her adventures & misadventures in Myanmar, Megala discovers that Ramesh is not all that he has made himself out to be. Another logline for the film is: She came for money, she got her money but love conquered the money The grammar may be a little loose but we get the message! At the end of the film, she demands the interest for the money owed to her by Ramesh but we know now that it’s not motivated by love for the money but for Ramesh

    Also Known As:

    வெண்ணிற இரவுகள்

    Release Date:

    6 March 2014


    R. Perakas Rajaram


    Norway Film Festival for special screening | International Tamil Film Academy for Special Mention | Malaysian Kalai Ulagam Award 2015 for Best Movie, Best Director, Best Cinematographer, Best Music Director, Best Actress

    Production Co:

    Shine Entertainment


    16 Crore INR