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Vikramadithya, Sherin, Gayathri Raghuram

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Whistle (Tamil: விசில்) is a Tamil-language Horror film which is Directed by Jerry & performed by Vikramadithya, Sherin, Gayathri Raghuram and Released on 4 July 2003.


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    The film begins with a murder of Swetha, a college student, which is considered an accident. The scene shifts to the college. Anjali (Gayathri Raguram) and Jeeva (Vikramaditya Shukla) are college lovebirds. Maya (Sherin) has a crush on Jeeva. They, along with their friends, spend happy days in college. One day, Vinod is murdered by Naga, which is witnessed by Anjali. But no one believes her. Subsequently, two other friends are murdered by Naga. In fear, Anjali reveals the past to Maya that during the school days, the six members ragged a village girl Sarawathi (Divyadarshini), and she committed suicide. After this, four students are murdered the gang of six. She thinks the murders are related to the incidents. In the turn of events, it is shown that Jeeva is the murderer. On the same night, Sharmi (Mayuri) is murdered before Anjali by Naga. Later, it is revealed the actual murderer is Maya, who is Sarawathi's sister. Later, Jeeva saves Anjali, and Maya is killed. The comedy track of the movie follows the theme of the Hollywood movie What Women Want.

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    4 July 2003


    Sujatha (Dialogue)

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    0.7 Crore INR


    1 Crore INR