Yaman | Tamilian
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6.3 IMDB Rating




Jeeva Shankar


Vijay Antony, Charlie, Gajaraj

Yaman (Tamil: யமன்) is a Tamil-language Action film which is Directed by Jeeva Shankar performed by Vijay Antony, Charlie, Gajaraj on 24 February 2017.

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    As the film begins, Arivudai Nambi (Vijay Antony) is killed by his rivals, who fear their position would be threatened if he were to make it big in politics. Decades later, his son Tamilarasan (Vijay Antony) is accidentally drawn into the murky world of behind-the-screens politicking when he is jailed due to admitting to have hit someone on the road. Two gangster-type baddies with political backing become his enemies, and this in turn brings him closer to Karunakaran (Thiagarajan), a political heavyweight who has his own ambitions. A minister sees Tamilarasan as an enemy because he sees in him Nambi, whom he had conspired to murder. Machinations and counter-machinations grow with the growing political ambitions of Tamilarasan, whose rivals won't let him and his friend Anjana (Miya) live in peace. Tamilarasan boldly faces all this in his game of one-upmanship and realizes his dream of growing big in politics.

    Release Date:

    24 February 2017


    Bhashyasree, Jeeva Shankar

    Production Co:

    Lyca Productions,Vijay Antony Corporation